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Mahesh Sukumar Sonora

Mahes Sukumar Sonora California Resident who lives in tuolumne, california.

Mahesh Sukumar Sonora– The Role of a Transport Planner

Transport planners such as Roseville, California’s own Mahesh Sukumar serve a

specialized role within our society. Responsible for the design, citing, and evaluation

of facilities such as streets, highways and pedestrian crossing areas, Transport Planners

use their expertise and industry experience to ease commuting times and decrease the

frequency of car accidents and other transportation related tragedies.


You might not realize it, but each and every day millions of drivers travel on roads

designed by a team of Transport Planners like Mahesh Sukumar. Why just a few years

back Mahesh was part of a team that helped develop a future year travel demand model

for Lake County, California. The forecasts from this model were used to recommend

circulation improvements and derive planning level cost estimates. Thus, not only do

Transport Planners device strategies for construction, they also figure out the most cost

effective methods in which to do so.


During his time at Omni-Means Engineers & Planners, Sukumar also worked on a study

that computed fair share percentages for roadways within the Tivoli Specific Plan.

The results of which provided the project applicant with improvement alternatives and

approximate costs associated with the appropriation of a 400 plus acre area into the City

of Modesto. Project heads rely on studies like these to make informed decisions.


Mahesh utilizes sophisticated modeling software to accurately aggregate land, predict

traffic and determine the impact of road construction. By doing so, he is able to properly

assess how roadways can be built to optimize traffic flow. Considering the high car

density on our nation’s roads, Transport Planners like Sukumar are a breath of fresh air.


But most importantly, Mahesh Sukumar designed his predictive and planning

models with safety in mind. After all, despite how many costs are cut, if a roadway

design doesn’t provide its future users with security, it would certainly not be worth


Mahesh Sukumar Sonora's Background

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Sonora, California, trasnportation planning.

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